Timbaland Ft Amar BOMBAY – Bombay Video

BOMBAY TIMBALAND **new album** SHOCK value
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Mere Zindagi Tere Ho gayhe (My life has become your property)
    Ye Deewanagi na roke kahbi (May this love never end)
    Mudhoss hayra dil mai bat kiya? (My intoxicated Heart is surprised)
    Pucho Na (Don’t ask me why)
    Mudhoss hayra dil mai bat kiya? (My intoxicated Heart is surprised)
    Aaja tu aaja, mere saamne tu aaja jaanu (Come on baby come to me or come in front of me)
    Kitna tarsoungi, kitna bolowongi mudje tum (how much will you tease me, how much will you call me)

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  3. @bisharet I sooo do! This is my favorite song and I went online to find the translation but I wanted to make sure it was correct. I sing and have a thing for languages and wanted to learn how to sing it correctly!! So my inbox is yours.

  4. Timbo has been using indian tracks as part of his music.
    Hot track though.

    By the way if anyone wants the translation i can do that. Its much more appreciated if one understands the chicks lyrics.


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