LFC in India: Mumbai’s amazing Red Army – Bombay Video

Here’s a glimpse of the fanatical support shown by Liverpool’s Mumbai Reds, as witnessed by LFC TV when we travelled to India to film a documentary. The show, ‘Slum Dreams: From Merseyside to Mumbai’ tells the tale of two young children from the poorest of backgrounds who end up being coached by Ian Rush. The show will be available to watch online on www.liverpoolfc.tv/video from December 8.

23 Responses to “LFC in India: Mumbai’s amazing Red Army – Bombay Video”

  1. nathanOyok says:

    i saw amitabh bachan wearing king kenny jersey!! 

  2. naboobakar says:

    Good to see LFC going crazy in a cricket dominated country

  3. goolympics says:

    you always walk alone

  4. ThisIsAky says:

    get these dudes in the kop

  5. rishirajsutaria says:

    Love the Dhinchak Dhinchak part…YNWA

  6. MrAman707 says:

    india!!!! india!!! india!!!! india!!!! YNWA :)

  7. gerrard2810 says:

    im Indian N Proud 😀

  8. 3zW4n says:


  9. click3127 says:

    i also want in….. when and where did this event happen!! somebody please tell me

  10. ngochoangak1990 says:

    YNWA !!!

  11. buzzmatrix1 says:

    Lucas song. need to spread the word and sing it every time at Home.

  12. shagrath37 says:

    @drogbaaaaa1 DUMPED out of the CL. joke, Man City are. :)

  13. shagrath37 says:

    @TheLfcgerrard08 it’s their way to express their love for LFC… so there’s no need to bitch about it

  14. tomwentz14 says:

    Thats all we fucking need…

  15. Mynamesnigel says:


  16. TheChum12 says:

    Watching a Reds match with them would be fun.

  17. majfunkmeister says:

    oh god!

  18. digweed34 says:

    luv it!!! YNWA

  19. rukunman says:


  20. r3n20kuk3n9999 says:

    Love it! Do us proud fellow Indians!! #YNWA

  21. BennettLcc says:

    go on lads :) YNWA

  22. razter28 says:

    im a liverpool fan and everything… but i couldn’t hold my laughter in for very long! lol

  23. TimminhLFC says:

    Great video ! YNWA


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