Richard Hammond shooting Top Gear Christmas Special 2011 in Mahim, Mumbai! – Bombay Video

Spotted Richard Hammond this morning at Mahim (where I stay) on my way to work. He was shooting for the Top Gear Dabba Challenge, due to air on the Christmas Special of Top Gear this year. Jeremy Clarkson and James May took different routes to town, so I didn’t spot them, but one out of three ain’t too bad! :-)

25 Responses to “Richard Hammond shooting Top Gear Christmas Special 2011 in Mahim, Mumbai! – Bombay Video”

  1. RiggerDaMan says:

    @sumathkarnad best beats broooo best beeeetzz

  2. Haudich100 says:

    know Richard because he is in my workbook english xD

  3. downwithCAPS says:

    What episode is this?

  4. hiddenbutdeadly says:


    you mean his hair gel…….

  5. mahirmajid1986 says:

    God those look like the lunch boxes which are delivered to offices in south bombay. Pity the people who had to eat from those boxes.

  6. duncanmotorsport says:

    BOSS: Why were you late for work?
    YOU: Oh I was helping to film BBC’s TopGear

    Did your boss believe you?

  7. Zoethefoxx says:

    can’t wait for this to come out at christmas!!

  8. Ferrarifazer5269 says:

    @lookwhoscomin You can’t even drive a manual car,You guys are just lazy to drive automatics.

  9. chew1047 says:

    He’s not a real hamster.

  10. FoozTVofficial says:

    Hahaha, A mini man in a Mini

  11. crusaderpat says:

    @BigOwnz everything in top gear is scripted. always has been

  12. GoodbyeMrPotter says:

    He is in a mini!!!!! I love minis

  13. jin319 says:

    Looks like he dropped som petro cans. Might be a drive across india or some distances challenge while carrying all the petro on your own. Can’t wait!

  14. ShanesAutos says:

    looks like the film crew have got rid of the range rovers for the new toyota landcruisers.

  15. penn408 says:

    @vikas fisherman colony mahim causeway

  16. TopGearrules says:

    YESSSSS MINI!!!!!!!

  17. Zealous765 says:

    @TheUltraBlaster Wasn’t your mom put to an end???
    Do you really think with all the money they making they will stop the show?
    Let common sense take over. Google is your friend.

  18. TheUltrablaster says:

    I thaught that the show was put to a end? Isnt it supposed to end in 2010????? ANSWERS!

  19. amprab says:

    @aalaap dude you are a very very lucky man, i am dying to get tickets to their show in london, don’t think its ever going to happen…

  20. BigOwnz says:

    wow this is so obviously scripted.

  21. HeyPusa says:

    @HYPHYDUM408 i dont know, ask your mother

  22. lookwhoscomin says:

    @marmite5599 LOL wtf indian’s cant drive for shit?? you dumbass indian’s can drive anywhere in the world but can the world drive in india? NO. cause the world isn’t ready for the elite driving system in India. you guys need rules to prevent accidents but Indian’s don’t need rules. All our drivers are good enough to prevent accidents WITHOUT RULES.

  23. councilglasses says:

    Fuck me he’s dropped all his makeup

  24. marmite5599 says:

    Ive always thought an Indian special would be good seeing as you guys cant drive for shit over there!

  25. apachertr160 says:

    They say, you should never meet your idol. I say, RUBBISH! Just met Clarkson and boy, I love him even more now. What a TALL guy he really is in every way, worthy being worshiped! :-)


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