Bombay Bicycle Club – Rinse Me Down – Bombay Video

Bombay Bicycle Club - Rinse Me Down

New album Flaws out July 12th Directed by David A. Tree –

24 Responses to “Bombay Bicycle Club – Rinse Me Down – Bombay Video”

  1. teryfuckwitful says:

    @arrongosnelluk i think its a mandarin

  2. arrongosnelluk says:

    n e 1 know what guitar jack is using, thanks.

  3. TheSneezingPuppies says:

    when im angry,sad, annoyed or depressed… this song always rinses me down. <3

  4. arrongosnelluk says:

    does n e 1 know wat guitar hes using, jack i mean. Thanks

  5. imsocoolohyeah says:

    why does this have to end…

  6. hikarissaa says:

    What does this song mean?

  7. Ashaapplecheeks says:

    @andersonleedslad Too tall

  8. FischInThaButt says:

    did anyone notice the awesomeness of this song? Fuck the bearfox! 😉

  9. jilazee says:

    @hotchickdiana It’s a fox

  10. warning2006 says:

    did anyone notice the flying shark, I did :)

  11. stuffed00 says:

    actually its a fox

  12. TheMchamchamcha says:

    @redtiesdontlie its alright m8 ~

  13. redtiesdontlie says:

    @TheMchamchamcha sorry mate!

  14. TheMchamchamcha says:

    @redtiesdontlie *fuck

  15. HellyJellyxx says:

    @mihir78900 so are yours mihir

  16. mihir78900 says:

    @HellyJellyxx your boobs are saggy

  17. amyrose15x says:

    Am i right in thinking that this song is about his friends girlfriend who wants to cheat on his friend with him..?

  18. jesusaraujo123 says:

    These Guys Don’t Fuck Around

  19. lemonaid890 says:

    Straps are to mainstream.

  20. redtiesdontlie says:

    i didn’t give a f**k of the bear *_*

  21. deAfrekening22 says:

    @HellyJellyxx well, we’ve all been there

  22. Shaowow says:

    after peter parker defeated the green goblin, he formed a band called bombay bicycle club

  23. andersonleedslad says:

    I mean the fox

  24. andersonleedslad says:

    I reckon the bear is lucy rose


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