It’s A Beautiful Day – Bombay Calling – Bombay Video

Late 60s goodness.

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  1. XdefinitecodeX says:

    deep purple said they were inspired by this song, so it’s obvious 😉 

  2. HighlanderWeert says:

    @iop7535 the intro is the riff wich child in time is based on ! do you understand it now?

  3. leobrodinho says:

    Child in Time played by leprechauns at the irish mountains…naturally drinking Guiness below the Moog..

  4. Photoman15 says:

    Jon Lord “used” this for Child In Time (he was dating the singer at the time), but he gave them a Purple Song which they redid (Wring That Neck, which IaBD did as Don & Dewey).

  5. HighlanderWeert says:

    @iop7535 its no comparences , it is the exact riff that Deep Purple used to make Child in Time ! and that’s no shame !
    Black Sabbath’s , tommi used a lot of Bach melodies , still no shame !

  6. KoenSmit91 says:

    great song

  7. spoondoeman says:

    Dude ! Deep Purple self has confessed they used it !
    its exactly the same….

  8. minimitchie says:

    You cannot ignore the fact that the beginning and the rhitm that keeps coming back sounds a lot like child in time

  9. 375GTB says:

    This came first…


  10. 1970Tasosd says:


  11. nofortunatesonII says:

    @iop7535 I think it’s more than just a “little intro” that they helped themselves to. I like Deep Purple’s Child in Time, but they ripped this one off.

  12. slaxor says:

    @iop7535 Just feeding the fire, bud.

  13. iop7535 says:

    DUDE! I can’t believe people keep comparing this to deep purple’s child in time! Child in time is very, very different. Just that little intro bit is the same. I see it as total different songs


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