You Me Bullets Love – The Bombay Royale. – Bombay Video

You Me Bullets Love is the title track from our new album – download it free from The Bombay Royale is an eleven piece Retro-Bollywood Juggernaut and our debut album “You Me Bullets Love” is available now from HopeStreet Recordings. With shimmering spaghetti…
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  1. FANTASTIC production value – second to none! i am especially impressed with the contrast of orange and blue in the final dance scene. whoever came up with that design is a VISIONARY. pure genius.
    wonderful song, too. come back to RADelaide soon, please! i missed you this time and am DEVASTATED.
    @lelandfrankel: “Like a curry dinner with Quentin Tarantino.” brilliant analogy.

  2. hopestreetrecordings · Edit

    translation is up on the band’s website courtesy of the tiger himself! youtube doesn’t seem to let me post a url, but you can find their website pretty easily, and then put a /lyrics on the end of it


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