Bombay To Goa – Bombay Video

Just when the tourist bus to Goa is leaving Bombay Central, Mala – Aroona Irani comes running and boards it. Her entry is greeted with many admiring glances, as it was not often that such a beautiful girl took this bus and that too, alone. Aruna may have been alone on the bus, but those who are vitally interested in her movements have momentarily been left behind. The evil Shatrughan – Shatrughan Sinha and his cronies follow in their car. They are after Mala because she has witnessed them committing a murder. Meanwhile, young Ravi – Amitabh Bachchan has already sensed the danger that is lurking on the road from Bombay to Goa and catches the bus midway. From hereon, begins the laughride. Goa is 616 kms. from Bombay and when you travel in a bus with Mahmood as the conductor, the journey can only be filled with thrills, chills, belly-laughs, and, for good measure, a delightful romance between Mala and Ravi. So, don’t miss this bus. It is ready to take you on the most enjoyable journey of your life.

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  1. haider ali says:


  2. Shirene Hussain says:

    I freaking love this movie. Everything about it was awesome, the cast, the story and comedy. They dont make movies like this anymore. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve watched it with my family, cousins and friends.

  3. Aqi Baby says:

    oh….k :):)

  4. musicdemons1 says:

    Yes but it was a small time film. It was bombay to goa that was his real first film.

  5. Aqi Baby says:

    no it was not, his film was “saat hindustani”

  6. jangx100 says:

    old is gold

  7. thesohail1130 says:


  8. DHAMMA BHABIN says:

    i can not download this film from idm..anyone give suggestion plz

  9. Azeem Sabeen says:

    hello babysneh whn u click a video keep it pause until u see a greyish line comes instead of red whn it appears u can watch it easily whitout any disturbance. Thank u

  10. aditya rajveer singh says:

    why does it keep stopping in the middle for buffering,so irritating,padosan and a lot of other movies on youtube have the same problem.just can’t watch it

  11. musicdemons1 says:

    this was the first film of amitab.

  12. grandscooby says:

    33:15 funny

  13. grandscooby says:

    cast is too good

  14. MrFuckistani13 says:


  15. liakot says:

    amitabh scenes were great..his chemistry with mehmood was hillarious and his flirting / romance with Aroona Irani was entertaining….i guess film makers slowly started seeing potential in this legend of a actor as he became soon after this film


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