bombay theme original – Bombay Video

AR Rahman concert in Los Angeles
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. swappyinn says:

    @2:19 world goes numb. Very emotional

  2. nishantsabale1985 says:

    Btings tears into my eyes but the feeling is not necessarily sad !! Thats the beauty I guess of this piece of Rehman :-)

  3. dineshvarmaraju says:

    Melted movement

  4. ov3rboost074 says:

    no wordzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. ov3rboost074 says:

    this music really touches my heart… it has some kind of magic seriously … it is one of the best musics i ever heard … it is a masterpiece… thanks REHMAN sir for such a lovely combination ..!!

  6. zaneem4all says:

    heart tuching music…… hats off 2 u RAHMAN sir…..

  7. towitnessamiracle says:

    ‘ Ella Pugazhum Iraivanukke!’ – Ar.Rahman! =)♥

  8. MrSethur says:

    next tym dont luk dwn apon chennai(madras)……… its the worst and the best …….the city of contrasts…………. is the home of many legends in indian art and cinema ………….. tht person in de video is 1 f the most precious chennaiites ………wel nt only him ….mani rathnam, prabhudeva,kamal hassan, shivaji…………..the list goes on

  9. MrSethur says:

    rahman rokz!!!!!!!!!……….take the abuv as an exmple nt 2 luk dwn apon madras tamil film industry from the city of contrasts (chennai)………….

  10. antonhbp says:

    Lloyd Banks sample!

  11. randy6randy1 says:

    This is my favourite music and I just don’t know how can some people dislike it.

  12. Sal1675 says:

    – It is beautiful what you write. Very true and beautiful. 

  13. Sal1675 says:

    Rahman captures the spirit of India that only old singers and composers could to such as in Mother India. It is one of the most phenomenal tracks ever made and a classic in every dimension. It is what India should be about and not the race for capitalism as it is a dead end for many and a nirvana for a few.

  14. mrPrem9696 says:

    very heart touching…
    dil ko sukun dene wala…
    i miss you my love…

  15. mdemirli says:

    ex oriente lux

  16. bogusiek says:

    no, i think religion keeps human in some state of thinking and beliefs, the REALITY lets you be free and then you can go directly to god and everything, religions are different cages placed in the whole reality, i wanna be outside the cage and see more… what doesn’t mean that i don’t watch what the cage consists

  17. shancrazyguy says:

    Evergreen theme from evergreen AR Rahman sir..!!

  18. mediawelleBremen says:

    if we watch the world, it seems to be there are many different worlds we see. But, wherever we go in this world, we will feel love as it is. Love, on every part in the world the same. This beautiful love we feel, no matter from which part of the world we are. So, that tells us and its a fact, that we can not denied. Love is one. The Lord is one. We are……. one.

  19. bojo785 says:


  20. hsmarlon says:

    Nice and smooth.

  21. 44iakhan says:


  22. harleysoumya says:

    rahman sir u were jst 1 of the myestro of music

  23. KINGMJ1990 says:

    Rahman is a Legend


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