Marjawa Video Song | Mumbai Mirror | Sachiin J Joshi, Vimla Raman – Bombay Video

Song: Marjawa Movie: Mumbai Mirror Singer: Sonu Nigam Music: Amjad Nadeem Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed Music Label: T-Series For latest updates Subscribe: Circle us on G+ Like us on Facebook Follow us
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “Marjawa Video Song | Mumbai Mirror | Sachiin J Joshi, Vimla Raman – Bombay Video”

  1. Pankaj Vishnoi says:

    nice song

  2. Aaditya Vig says:

    koi shak……@@@@

  3. Mohammad Mukhtar says:

    nice soong……….

  4. Pranay Kumar Naik says:

    nice song…

  5. jazzabell Hart says:

    nice song

  6. jasmine sabu says:

    very nice song…

  7. jasmine sabu says:

    so nice song

  8. Praveen Khirekar says:

    i like voice of sonu nigam

  9. Hasia Lazona says:

    amo india….

  10. Santu Nandi says:

    nice mindblowing

  11. Jay Bhavariya says:

    Sonu Nigam .. Name Is Enough .. No One Is Lyk Sonu Nigam.. And Song Is also Awesome . Lyrics Are Good . But The Composition Is Awesome ..

  12. Shivshambhu Sharma says:

    nice pose

  13. darshana sharma says:

    Really nice song

  14. Homa Kp says:

    honestly i didn’t like the song at first but during last two days, it keeps replaying again and again in my ears! it is really growing in my mind. i still believe it’s not perfect, but it’s been quite a while since i’ve been addicted to a song, unconsciously…

  15. Abhishek Soni says:

    Theek hai

  16. vionloxxl7 says:

    mashaaaALLAH as all marja soo beautifuull,jisa saraa marjwa ganaa ek bendass jaskaa item bohut hoobsurat mitti shukrya,GODBIGGEST blass,bye

  17. Abhishek Banerjee says:

    Excellent vocals & music composition

  18. 12SoniSoni says:

    Sonu Nigam rocks !

  19. aakash3938 says:


  20. Marjana TOOR says:

    T-Series gal sun la kakamasi7 de please

  21. kakamasi7 says:

    please upload sanson ne bandhi hai songs making video please please,u uploadeed all the songs making video of dabang2 exept this please upload,reply me please


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