Bombay Ka Brahman ब्रो -Sundeep Sharma Stand-up Comedy – Bombay Video

A funny take on being a Brahman and the Caste system in India. This video is a slice out of my own life…check it out…if you like this video please share it too…do let me know your opinion in comments section…because your opinion matters …Thank you very much good people 🙂
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Video production by: Myoho Films
Location: Canvas Laugh Club Mumbai
Camera work : Chinmay Samnani, Sahil Mirani & Suyash Shirsekar
Production & Editing : Karan Asnani
Live Sound recording : Vijwal Barboza
Sound mixing and mastering by Raghavendra Bhattacharya
Special Thanks: Dr. Ishmeet Nagpal
Written and performed by Sundeep Sharma


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  1. n one more thing these are just jokes plzz stop this shitty comparison.. ? BC haar jagah maat maraya karro.. isliye Hindus will never rise..

  2. bro your knowledge sucks ?get you facts straight next time lol

  3. you should have more views and subs

  4. bhai tujhe ye to pta nhi ki brahman ke baad kon aata hai aaya bda brahaman rhande tumse na ho payega

  5. that's difference between Hindus n so called religion of peace…we accept humour unlike pathetic fanatics blind followers of religion of peace.

  6. delivery check
    great content check
    naturally funny instinct super check..

  7. I have a suggestion for you, you dont have many views and subs because your thumbnail quality is not good. Your only video which got viral has thumbnail with text "Bhaiya log in Bambayee" . It went viral cause thumbnail was like that and of course content too . Add catchy text in the thumbnail of all your videos and I can bet you will go Viral in no time . And add text on left side not Right… cause right side gets hidden by time stamp

  8. We are modern and don't care about caste system but mine is still better than yours…

  9. he is good…very underrated….

  10. haha ? great content 🙂


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