ELECTION RESULT 2019-NORTH MUMBAI से Urmila Matondkar पीछे – Bombay Video

The biggest festival of democracy is finally here and News24 YouTube channel keeps its promise for the best and most comprehensive coverage of election results

And now comes the time when the results of the Lok Sabha elections, the mammoth and grand democratic exercise which was spread almost for two months, comes to an end and all eyes are on the result day. Result day is considered the biggest ‘Festival of Democracy’ in India, which also happens to be the world’s biggest democracy. All elements of a melodrama are witnessed on this day, the same zeal and excitement with emotions running high and adrenaline pumping to the optimum level.

Holding elections in India, world’s seventh largest nation by area and the second most populous country is a tedious process with millions of poll workers, police and security personnel being deployed in cities, towns, villages, and hamlets. Reaching the length and breadth of the nation is not easy and almost all modes of transport are used; be it planes, boats, trains, helicopters, elephants, camels and even by foot to reach far-flung voters, because every vote counts. Elections in India are nothing less than a “festival of democracy.”
This brings upon us, News24 YouTube Channel a big responsibility.

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समाचारों को एक सदस्यता पर लाता है। आप देश और दुनिया की तरोताज़ा खबरें तथा लाइव ब्रेकिंग न्यूज़ के लिए हमारे Youtube Channel News24 India के साथ बने रहे|

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