Immense Power ! Fantastic Speed ! Rajyarani Superfast Express Bombards Kurla, Mumbai – Bombay Video

22101 Mumbai Cst Manmad Rajyarani Superfast Express with clean chocolately KYN WCAM-2P# 21877 shows furious aggression at Kurla railway station in Mumbai.

Camera: SONY FDR AX100E


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  1. Superb blast by cammie.. Nice to see these ac converted locos in action.. But why there was a change in the livery? Any more ac-dc locos being converted to pure ac? btw loved the action.. :)

  2. Superb!!!! Mind blowing speed!!!!

  3. 21877 hauled my Tapovan Express on in 7th December,2016.Amazing!!!

  4. superb… but this train mostly gets WCAM-3.


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